About Southeastern Growers Wholesale Trees


Southeastern Growers is the leading wholesale tree farm providing professionals in Watkinsville, Georgia and beyond. The company provides a wide variety of trees to suit the demands of any developer or landowner, and prides itself on contributing to the tree cultivation which battles the cataclysmic effects of deforestation and urbanization.

Southeastern Growers divides its plant choices into five categories: broadleaf evergreens, conifers, ornamentals, shade trees, and upright. Ornamentals are an especially popular choice because they have the most aesthetic assortment, offering colorful blooms which attract natural species like hummingbirds and butterflies at the turn of the season.

Beyond aesthetics, the farm offers hundreds of practical and resilient trees which are ideal for more difficult spots, such as commercial spaces or locales that experience harsh weather.  For example, the Bracken’s Brown Beauty Southern Magnolia is well-known as one of the most cold-hardy trees in North America.


Another one of the numerous benefits of Southeastern Growers’ selection of trees, is the capacity to choose a plant that is not native to American soil. Customers have more opportunities to introduce trees into their landscapes than they ordinarily would, especially in urban areas. Planting trees which are native to other countries also helps propagate the species in general.

Trust Southeastern Growers for the perfect container trees and landscaping possibilities. Start building your business and improving your local environment now.